These are the foundations that Labyrinth IT Solutions is built on, and with over 20 years’ experience we offer a client-based approach to IT support for businesses, homes, schools and Not for Profit organisations throughout Somerset and the South West.

AztecMedia in-house creative design and website developers worked on:

Re-Brand Logo Design  •  Vehicle Graphics Design  •  CMS Management Website Design & Build

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Labyrinth ComputersLabyrinth ComputersLabyrinth Computers
Labyrinth ComputersLabyrinth Computers
Labyrinth Computers
Labyrinth ComputersLabyrinth Computers

The Client path to believing in our design team

It can takes a lot for a well established local company to jump out of its comfort zone and and invest in a brand re-design, new colour scheme, investing the price of a small car into a brand new website. Labyrinth Computer based in Yeovil took that jump after seeing what we had delivered for other local Yeovil business. Along with designing a new van and mugs etc it was at first very hard for the client to see our vision of the new brand logo. Originally we designed the brand in orange but during the creative of the build on the website and while designing the road race suit it was clear the cyan worked better on the black background. Once the client could see how the visual look a feel was coming together they realised they should have done this years ago.