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The 3 Major Benefits of your Hospitality Business Investing in Digital Marketing.

The 3 Major Benefits of your Hospitality Business Investing in Digital Marketing

We want to take a moment to talk about a hospitality business owner’s worst nightmare. The thing that keeps you up at night. The thing that makes your skin crawl. The thing that makes you shiver with terror. Yes, you’ve guessed it: the thought of having no customers.

The nailbiting prospect of having prolonged periods of no customers at a holiday let, cottage, hotel or restaurant can prove to be nerve-wracking for many small business owners. You want a revolving door of customers to keep you busy, generating revenue at a level that is consistently high enough to comfortably pay the bills and reach profitability. It’s in those nerve-wracking moments, when customers are nowhere to be seen, that a business owner starts to reflect on their marketing methods. Why are we in this situation? What could we be doing differently? Over the years at AztecMedia, we’ve found that the answer to these questions usually lies in the digital marketing strategy of a business.

Digital marketing is often perceived as being mystical and mysterious, with the remarkable benefits of having an online presence often going overlooked and ultimately unrealised. We believe that a great website belongs at the core of any digital marketing strategy. But how do you define what makes a ‘great website’? Well, for us, it begins with crafting a design that showcases your hospitality business through bursts of stunning photography and branded visuals.

Here are the three main benefits of your hospitality business investing in digital marketing...


1. Increasing Visibility On Search Engines

How many businesses have you personally discovered through Google? With a little bit of web wizardry and SEO magic, a professional website for your hospitality business can be indexed and ranked in search engines, appearing when web surfers type in keywords relating to your business. For example: If you own a restaurant in Taunton, you will want to appear next to your competitors in searches for phrases such as “Restaurants in Taunton” or “Dining Taunton”.

Without a presence on search engines, your hospitality business runs the risk of losing customers to competitors who appear in search results under target keywords and phrases. Without a professionally-designed website, you may struggle to rank highly for these target keywords and phrases. Naturally, web surfers often gravitate towards search results that are indexed and ranked higher, in other words, the first thing they see!

At AztecMedia, we ensure your website is optimised for search engines by following a range of best practices to help your business achieve a high search ranking for target keywords and phrases. 

2. Building Consumer Confidence

It’s often the case that people find it easier to do business with brands they feel connected to. Professional photography for your website will add the “human touch” to your brand - speaking louder than words. Consumers don’t like being kept in the dark! Feeding their intrigue with professional photography allows consumers to build a positive picture of what to expect from your services.

For example: if you own a hotel, professional photography on your website will allow prospective customers to see your rooms in their best light, helping to inform the viewer’s decision on whether to book a stay.

At AztecMedia, we can deliver professional photography that shines a light on your hospitality services, no matter the scale or scope!

3. Controlling Your Brand Image

In the world of hospitality, it’s can be very easy to let review websites like TripAdvisor create a narrative around your brand and business. A negative review of your services can be soul-destroying and have a profound effect on your image and reputation.

If there are negative reviews of your services to be found online, wouldn’t you rather prospective customers visited your website first? Alongside the use of professional photography on a bespoke website, you can include testimonials and case studies from previous or existing customers to build an exciting narrative around your business and brand.


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