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Vehicle livery and cycling race team kit for Labyrinth Computers.

Vehicle livery and cycling race team kit for Labyrinth Computers

At AztecMedia, we don’t just design beautiful brochures and wonderful websites, on occasions we get to do other great stuff. The folks over at Labyrinth IT Solutions loved their new brand identity so much they not only wanted it on their vans but also the team cycling kits!

Sometimes it can be very handy to mock-up designs to show the client what it could look like before it goes into production. Not only does this give the client a very good idea of what the finished product will look like but in the long run, it saves time and ultimately money. The cost of making changes to a mock-up design is often a fraction of those incurred if they were made post-production.

The cycling team kit seen here is actually a mock-up created to show both the clients and the printers what the final product should look like. These coupled with high-quality vector graphics gave the printers clear visual guidance - something that's paramount when producing any kind product with a high unit cost.

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