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Ocean Fire and Security - New website.

Ocean Fire and Security - New website

Here at AztecMedia, we love to work with local companies and suppliers. Ocean Fire & Security are well established in Yeovil and the surrounding Southwest area.

They have looked after all our security systems for many years and in return, they asked us to design and build them a brand new website with a content management system (CMS). They wanted a fresh and contemporary website which also reflected their brand's core business.

In our experience, local companies like dealing with local website developers. We often have clients who in the past have been tempted by online web design companies offering multi-page, multi-function sites at a cheap price, only to discover that what they actually end up with is an unoptimised templated site which will never give a return on their investment. By using AztecMedia, they soon realise the benefits. Along with a bespoke design and build, we also provide website hosting, which comes with unlimited technical support - including email set up and maintenance plus CMS tutoring and help from the friendly Aztec Team.

If you feel you could work with a company that has a 27-year history then, please call 

Mike King - Aztecmedia M.D

Mobile: 07778 451500 (anytime)