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Where are your digital assets?.

Where are your digital assets?

One of the primary problems we come across is a client not knowing where their digital assets are held - or worse still, no access information.

There are two simple questions you need to ask yourself:

1.     Where are my digital assets? Only when you know the answer to this only then can you ask yourself the second question
2.     Can I get access to them?

If you can NOT answer one or both of these questions then we suggest it is time to take back control.

6 most critical digital assets to protect:

  • Domain name
  • Google analytics access
  • Company website, including domain name & all content
  • Email accounts & passwords
  • Social media accounts
  • Knowing your passwords

Who is the registered owner of your Domain Name?

Who is the registrant company? Which or whose account registered the domain and who’s is the registered name against it? If you are not in control or cannot answer these questions then it can cause any manner of headaches.

All too often an ex-employee may have registered the domain under their account for ease (at the time) or web design company who purchased the domain on your behalf may no longer be trading. In these cases, the domain could be held hostage or simply be difficult to get hold of and can have a detrimental effect on your business, monetary and client confidence.

At AztecMedia we register the domain on your behalf and you are safe in the knowledge that you own the domain and we are simply the administrative contact, and at any time you can transfer the domain into your account.


Who administers your Google Analytics account?

Google Analytics can be a great tool full of useful information, which can help to grow your business. Quite often it can hold years of valuable data. It is important that if you have not set up the Google Analytics account then you know who has! The last thing you need is to lose complete control over this data and have to start again! 

AztecMedia often sets up Google Analytics on behalf of our customers but always allows them to have access to the data. We are even happy to sit down with clients to talk through the data and set up automated reporting at no additional cost.


Where is your website hosted and do you have access?

Web hosting is vitally important, as it is the gateway to your company having an online presence. The questions you need to be able to answer are who set up your hosting and with which provider? Problems answering these can cause the same sort of problems as with not knowing where domain names are. If you need to get a copy of your website, can you do this?

Rather than using a hosting provider, here at AztecMedia, we are a hosting provider. By having our dedicated servers, we can control everything that goes on them. There is no hosting middleman to deal with and best of all, you own your website and have access to all files if required. 


Who’s got your email?

If emails are not hosted with your website where are they? There are different email service providers, like Microsoft 365 or Google’s Gmail. The important things to ask yourself here is who has access to these email accounts and who is in charge of maintaining them?

With an AztecMedia hosting package you can have email accounts set up which we always ensure secure passwords. We even go as far as to help you set these up on any computers, laptops or phones. If you are looking for your emails to do more, we can help setting up other services providers.

The most important thing is to know what emails you have set up and who has access to them!


Who controls your Social media accounts?

There are so many different social media outlets these days it is important to have control of these and use them wisely. The worst thing you can do is have different people controlling different social media outlets.

Make sure accounts are under your control, or you at least know where they are. Also, just because there is a social media outlet it does not mean it is right for you. It is massively important to have a strategy when it comes to social media. It comes down to knowing who is doing what and where! This can often take more time and resources then you imagine and should not be rushed.

If you think that your social media is not working for you then come and have a chat with us to find out what options and packages we can offer to help grow and maintain your online presence.


How to manage passwords!

If your passwords are either ‘123456’ or ‘password’ do not pass GO and do not collect £200 - straight to jail for you!

With increasing sophistication in the technology used by scammers, it is more important than it ever has to make sure your passwords are secure. Remember to always use different random passwords for each logon you require. AztecMedia appreciates that with so many accounts these days remembering them is next to impossible.

There are companies out there that can help with the management of your passwords.  One such company is LastPass ( This can remember all of your passwords securely and are accessible using one main password. This service can then sync your passwords across all your devices so gone are the days where you are constantly resetting your passwords. Although, we also strongly recommend this is done on a rolling basis to try and keep one step ahead.

One of the best features is the Emergency Access feature where in the event you can give trusted family and friends access to your LastPass account in the event of an emergency or crisis.


If you think you need help with anything you have read please feel free to give us a call to see how we can help.